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1 - 6 June, 2008. Newcastle. New South Wales. Australia.

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Session 00: Introduction to Local Wildlife.

Session 01: Satus reports.

Session 02: Data analysis and new techniques.

Invited 1: Iain Reid.

Session 03: Special.

Session 04: Polar cap and auroral processes.

Invited 2: Phil Wilkinson.

Session 05: Convection.

Session 06: Sub-auroral and mid-latitude processes.

Session 07: Large-scale wave-like processes.

Session 08: Small-scale plasma turbulence and multi-scale processes.

Session 09: Reconnection, substorms.

Session 10: Workgroup reports.

Poster Session: Posters.

Next Workshop:  SuperDARN 2009.


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Provisional Program

Program of Delegates

Photographs and Movies from workshop

Photo courtsey of Danny Ratcliffe

Edited by:

John Devlin and Jim Whittington
La Trobe University,
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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Colin Waters,
University of Newscastle,
Newscastle, AUSTRALIA