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The 17th National Congress, of the AIP, Brisbane, Queensland 4 - 8 December 2006.
- Contributed Presentations:


Propagation of Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances over the Southern Ocean,
P. L. Dyson , K. J. W. Lynn and M. L. Parkinson; Abstract


Directional Wind Measurements of the Southern Ocean Using the TIGER and Unwin SuperDARN radars,
R. L. Greenwood , M. L. Parkinson, H.Ye and P. L. Dyson; Abstract


Towards a Synthesis of Substorm Electrodynamics: HF Radar and Auroral Observations,
Grocott, A. M.Lester, M. L. Parkinson, T. K. Yeoman, P. L. Dyson and H. U. Frey; Abstract


Complexity in the solar wind over multiple solar cycles,
Healey, R. C. , M. L. Parkinson, and P. L. Dyson, Abstract


Enhanced beam steering capabilities for the TIGER SuperDARN radars,
Healey, R. C. , M. L. Parkinson, J. C. Devlin, M. Gentile, and H. Ye; Abstract


An Auroral Westward Flow Channel (AWFC) and its Relationship to Field-Aligned Current, Ring Current, and Plasmapause Location Determined Using the Cluster and Iridium Satellites,
Parkinson, M. L. , J. A. Wild, C. L. Waters, M. Lester, E. A. Lucek and P. M. E Décréau; Abstract


Observations of a Phase Transition in the Plasma Turbulence Across the HF Radar Spectral Width Boundary,
Parkinson, M. L. K. M. Hannah; Abstract


The 16th National Congress, of the AIP, Australian National University, A.C.T., 30 January - 4 February 2005.
- Contributed Presentations:


Indications of small-scale wind systems in Earth's auroral thermosphere
M. Conde, M. F. Larsen, E. Wescott, H. Stenbaeck-Nielson, J. D. Craven, D. Lummerzheim, J. Hawkins, B. Johnson, and R. W. Smith; Abstract


Multivariate analysis of 630-nm observations from Mawson Station, Antarctic
T. P. Davies, P.L. Dyson, B. E.Booth, and J. L. Innis; Abstract


Climatic and diurnal variability in the occurrence of 10-m scale irregularities in the auroral ionosphere
B. P. Doherty, M. L. Parkinson, and P. L. Dyson; Abstract


SuperDARN: A new network of HF radars for oceanographic research
R. I. Greenwood, M. L. Parkinson, A. S. Yukimatu, and H. Ye; Abstract.


Observations of a phase transition in the plasma characteristics across the open-closed magnetic field line boundary
K. M. Hannah, M. L. Parkinson, P. L. Dyson, and J. C. Devlin; Abstract.


IMAGE, Geotail and TIGER observations of a magnetospheric substorm
M. Lester, M. L. Parkinson, K. McWilliams, P. L. Dyson, J. A. Wild, H. Frey, and T. Nagai; Abstract.


Are there signatures of complexity in fluctuating magnetospheric electric fields electric fields implied by HF radar observations of ionospheric Doppler Shift?
M. L. Parkinson, N. Watkins, S. Chapman, Bogdan Hnat, and M. Pinnock; Abstract.


Tomographic observations of the plasmasphere using FedSat
E. Yizengaw, P. L. Dyson, and E. A. Essex; Abstract.


The 14th National Congress of the AIP, University of Adelaide, S.A., 10-15 December 2000.
- Contributed Presentations:


HF digital ionosonde and TIGER backscatter radar observations of magnetospheric electric fields penetrating the southern-hemisphere mid-latitude ionosphere
M. L. Parkinson, M. Pinnock, P. L. Dyson, J. C. Devlin, C. L. Waters, and P. R. Smith
; Abstract


Rates of occurrence of TIGER HF radar echo parameters sorted according season, the Kp index, and the interplanetary magnetic field at sunspot maximum
M. L. Parkinson, J. C. Devlin, M. Pinnock, P. L. Dyson, C. L. Waters, and P. R. Smith; Abstract


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